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be proud and Wear the white heron

WCC Committee

Our Weraroa CC 2018-2019 Committee

The White Heron Committee

Brett Cole

Club Manager
Brett Cole has been involved with Weraroa CC for 25 Years, and been the club manager for the past 8 years.   

Brett works in Banking and is also self employed with a few business interests.   Brett has a wife called Yvonne and a young family of 2 girls.   

Brett is based in Palmerston North but cant keep away from the club during them summer months and controls all club admin, and financial matters.

Brett has a goal of Weraroa CC being seen as one of New Zealand's stronger clubs on and off the field.

Brett Cole
Phone: 0275094743

Gerald De Castro

Club President
Gerald De Castro has been involved with the club for 60+ years and this club has really been a family club which has been run by his father and his grandfather.  

Gerald's wife Colleen has also held many club roles in the past with the club and always full of knowledge.

Gerald comes with a lot of skills being on many sporting boards during many years.  

Gerald is a massive asset to the club and is the key to the club history as we move towards the club 100th year in Feb 2021.

Gerald De Castro
Phone: 063685052 WK

Darlene Morgan

Club Captain
Darlene Morgan has been involved with the club since she was a child having her parents involved with the club, 

Darlene had a short break from the club, but returned to the club when her son Tom was wanting to play cricket.  

Darlene is self employed and run a business with her husband Daryl who also plays for the club president team.   

The Morgan family are a big asset to the club, and Darlene's main focus has been getting young players into the game and playing the great game.

Darlene Morgan
Phone: 0212937384

Weraroa Committee 2018-2019

The Weraroa Cricket Club is very lucky to have a stable club committee, we have a great mix of skills and are very lucky to have  6 females on our cricket committee, some thing most cricket clubs would love to have.


PRESIDENT: Gerald De Castro


CLUB CAPTAIN:  Darlene Morgan

VICE CLUB CAPTAIN:  John Wehipeihana

CLUB BAR MANAGER:  Cheryl Nielsen



 Club Committee:

  1. Daryl Morgan            
  2. Paul Spring                
  3. Glenys Nel                 
  4. Paora O’Donnel
  5. Grant Reeves             
  6. Neil Anderson            
  7. Clayton Burman                    
  8. Fiona Read
  9. Julie Shapiro              
  10. Josh Nicholls             
  11. Danny Bruhn             
  12. Trevor Ross   
  13. Brett Cole                  
  14. Gerald De Castro       
  15. Cheryl Nielsen                       
  16. Darlene Morgan         
  17. Cheryl Nielsen                       
  18. John Wehipeihana