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Weraroa CC Junior Cricket 2019 - 2020

Become A Little Roa!!!

Please Rego Your Child - NOW On The Club Teamsnap



Please note: The club uses our own rego system, but we will make sure you are also entered into the HKCA/NZC system also using CricHQ  

You are welcome to also register for HKCA on their system, but make sure you state you would want to play for Weraroa CC.

Re: Subs all Weraroa CC players will be all be invoiced when they register from the WCC Xero system or members can chose to pay vai the HKCA system and when funds arrive into the WCC bank account the club will batch the money against your club invoice.

The reason we have our own system is for a number of reasons:

  1.  Health & safety reasons and being able to contact parents.
  2.  Communication tool for our members and parents to be linked. 
  3. We have always used our own system for many years.
  4. We also as a club have no view option for the HKCA system rego - player data system,  so important we have our own system like most other large clubs in other NZC regions.
  5. The clubs code of conduct and rules must be excepted. 
  6. As per club rules we must have a online player rego data base. 

I hope this helps, If any questions about the club rego : Please contact Brett Cole Phone: 0275094743 or email [email protected] 


HKCA Junior 2019-2020 Season Starts

T16 Starts on the Friday 1st Nov 2019 5.15pm (All Levin Games)

T20 Starts on the Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 8.20am (Levin / Otaki / Kapiti)

T24 Starts on the Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 8.20am (Levin / Otaki / Kapiti)

College Cricket & Womans Cricket - TBA

2019-2020 Training Dates Confirmed For Each Week


WCC Combined Boys College Team 8th Oct 2019 (5.30pm-7.00pm) @ Weraroa Domain

WCC Woman's Team Start Tuesday 8th Oct 2019 (3.30pm-5.00pm) @ Weraroa Domain

T16 Trainings Start Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 (3.30pm-5.00pm) @ Weraroa Domain

T20 Trainings Start Thursday 10th Oct 2019 (3.30pm-5.00pm) @ Indoor Center

T24 Trainings Start Thursday 10th Oct 2019 (5.00pm-6.30pm) @ Indoor Center

  • This season training periods have been increased, trainings will be more advanced and more coaches have been provided to all slots, and all teams from each grade will train together in a larger group.

  • The womans's team are welcome to train with the T24 teams at any time, and also they are welcome to train with the senior men at any time.

  • At the Levin Trust Indoor Center, Some Trainings Will Be Held At Weraroa Domain When The Good Weather Arrives. 

  • The new Bola bowling machine at the Weraroa Domain will continue to offer good trainings at Weraroa Domain.

  • Father & Mother coaches will be involved this season, supporting trainings and our club coaches, this will provide better trainings, and also provide better health and safety for our club people. 

Weraroa Junior Cricket Coordinators 2019-2020

Louise Grimstone

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 021777493

Glenys Nel

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 0276433009

Brett Cole (Club Manager)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0275094743


Weraroa Club Academy Info 2019-2020

  • The Club Academy Is Free To All Club Players
  • Club Academy Starts On The 14th Oct 2019 
  • We Start The Academy At T20 Level Using A Hard Ball, If Your Child Is A T16 Player But You Think He/She Is Ready For The Skill Trainings Offered, Please Contact Louise or Glenys or Brett or our club coaches For A Talk.
  • Players can start or depart the academy during the season at any time.
  • Click the link below to visit the club academy info.


Teamsnap App 2019-2020

TeamSnap is a critical element of our club, we have so many members and players and need a solid communication tool that can alert everyone very quick.
Having a central location for all team information, messaging and critical elements of team activities is an essential part of our club management strategy. As practices change, injuries happen, and times fluctuate or great photos surface, TeamSnap allows us to instantly share these messages and memories with the entire team community. 

It’s also great on the go with a constantly updated mobile app that lets us admin and team managers and coaches communicate directly with players and parents from anywhere our busy schedule takes me. 

In today’s hectic world of youth sports, TeamSnap is a beacon of light for any coach and should be part of every club coaching arsenal.”

All members and parents of juniors must have the app down loaded on their phone for game alerts and team communication.

Note this season no emails will be sent for game alerts so its very important to have the app downloaded and be logged into the team page at all times.   Everyone using this system well saves us admin hundreds of hours every season.

Check the club reo page for more info on Teamsnap  Click here

Uniforms & Club Clothing 2019-2020

The club provides team uniform shirts to borrow on game days only, the manager / team helper will collect the shirts for washing each week.

The club will provide a new club hat to all financial junior members.

Players are to provide their own cricket pants, back pants are preferred, but white cricket pants are also fine.

If players would like to own their own uniform or purchase club black pants our club shop is open and ready.  Please note the uniform updates every season so check the dates.  The main change for 2019-2020 will just be club sponsors.  (new uniform due our soon)

Club clothing, playing vests, training te-shirts, hoodies, shorts, hats, re all available at the clubs online shop.

To visit the club shop please visit  https://weraroa-cricket-club.myshopify.com/

Playing Gear 2019-2020

Playing gear is all provided for the entry T16 level using the soft cricket balls and plastic bats and wickets.

But we ask players playing hard ball cricket T20 & T24 & College Levels all provide their own playing equipment.  Helmets must be worn as per NZC law for trainings and game days when batting or feilding close up.

The teams at the club will all be provided a basic team bag with gear and helmets included and a 1st aid kit and ice packs for players to use at training and on game days for who don't have their own gear or need 1st aid support.

Solid shoes / or cricket shoes must always we worn at trainings and games.

Please visit Cricket Express online for your cricket gear purchases:   https://www.cricketexpress.co.nz/ 

Cricket Express have a club deal, so tell them you are from Weraroa CC

Sports World Levin also offer 10% off purchases


Weraroa Junior Team Managers 2019 - 2020

At present we really need team managers for teams, If you can help we would love to work with you this season.

We are really looking for mum and dad coaches who are keen to work through the quick NZC online coach systems, and also work with Bailey Te Tomo from HKCA during Thursday Trainings.

T24 Wolves
T24 Wolves Team Manager: Deb Culleton     
T24 Wolves Vice Team Manager: TBA
T24 Wolves Team Parent Co-Coach: TBA
T24 Wolves Team Parent Co-Coach: Danny Bruhn   

T24  TBA (Subject To Numbers)
T24 TBA Team Manager: TBA
T24 TBA Team Parent Co-Coach: TBA
T20 Warriors
T20 Warriors Team Manager: TBA
T20 Warriors Team Parent Coach: TBA

T20 War-Hawkes
T20 War-Hawkes Team Manager: Glenys Nel
T20 War-Hawkes Team Parent Coach: Leighton Lancaster 

T16 Wasps
T16 Wasps Team Manager: Louise Grimstone   
T16 Wasps Parent Coach: Clint Grimstone 
T16 Wasps Parent Coach: Wayne Shuker

T16 Wetas
T16 Wetas Team Manager: TBA
T16 Wetas Parent Coach: TBA


2019-2021 Player Subs

Junior player Term 4 & 1 - $50.00 Inc Gst

Intermediate Player Term 4 & 1 - $50.00 Inc Gst

College Player Term 4 & 1 - $50.00 Inc Gst

Invoices will be emailed once players have completed the rego form.

The club wont refund fees if your child pulls out during the season.


HKCA Junior Rules


HKCA T16 Rules - Click Here

HKCA T20 Rules - Click Here

HKCA T24 Rules - Click Here

HKCA - 2017-2018 Junior Format - Click Here


Weraroa Junior Health & Safety  2019-2021

Player health & safety is very important to our club, this is really a new thing for our club, but we are doing our best to put polices in place and follow them the best we can, and provide good guild lines to follow for our club members, our parents, and club managers, coaches, and helpers.

Visit Our Health & Safety Page - Click here

Weraroa CC Health & Safety Policies - Click here


HKCA Score Sheets T16 & T20

HKCA Score Sheet T16 - Click Here

HKCA Score Sheet T20 - Click Here


WCC Result Web Forms

Results are due each Sunday by 9pm.


WCC Points & Statz Officer.

Neil Anderson

Phone: 0275477421

Email: [email protected]

Please email team results by 5pm Sunday.

Weraroa CC Club Coaches 2019-2020

Weraroa Coaches 2019-2020

Monday Evening Academy 

Neil Barnett - L2 Coach
Daniel Williams - UK L2 Coach
Parent Coaches - NZC Levels

Tuesday Evening Coaches

Daniel Williams - UK L2 Coach
Parent Coaches - NZC Levels

Wednesday Evening Coaches

Daniel Williams - UK L2 Coach
Parent Coaches - NZC Levels

Thursday Evening Coaches

Daniel Williams - UK L2 Coach
Adam Simonsen -HKCA Rep / WCC Senior Player
Bailey Te-Tomo -HKCA Dev Officer
Jacob Oram - NZC Coaching Levels 
Other Special Invites

Friday Evening Academy

Daniel Williams -Uk L2 Coach

HKCA Levels 2019-2020

Parent & Manager Coaching Provided

The Club provides coaching at all club trainings.

Best we also require every club team to have a parent coach working with the team every game day.

The club provides coaching support to parents on Thursdays, when we contracted Bailey from HKCA and his main KPI will be working close with parent coaches and managers.

All Weraroa Junior Parent Managers & Coaches Will Need To Be Required To Have Passed Some Coaching Courses By March 2020.

One Parent In Each Team Needs To Hold The Correct Coaching Levels.

Register Link For You To Become A Parent Coach:  https://www.nzc.nz/community/coaches-corner/register 

Existing Coach NZC Log In:


NZC Coaching Levels


Be Part Of A Special Team

Contracted Coaching
Parent Coaching Support 
Great Training Nets
Play on Weraroa Domain
Indoor Training Center


Great Coaching

New Uniforms - Shirts Only
Club Online Shop - All Club Clothing
New Playing Team Gear
New Balls


Great Club Support

Great WCC Committee Backing
Great communication & Systems
Well Organized Club
Solid Club Management 
Team Manager For Each Team