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Boys Combined College Cricket 2019 - 2020 & Womans Cricket 2019 - 2020

Boys Combined College Cricket 2019-2020 & Woman's Cricket 2019-2020

College Info

Weraroa CC work hard with college cricket and in the past have run a WCC Combined College Team for 4 Years, we are now looking for new college players to form a Boys Combined Colleges Team & A WCC Woman's Team.

Any college student can play for our club teams.  And college females of good skill level are welcome to play for the College Boys team.

Boys:  Play for our WCC Combined Colleges Team - Playing in the MCA Comp

Girls: Play for our WCC Woman's Senior Teams - Playing In The MCA Comp

Trainings are run Tuesday evenings, games are played on Saturdays.  Boys play in the morning 8.20am.  Girls play in the afternoon at 1pm.

There is no play during the xmas holiday break period.

Any questions please contact:

Darlene Morgan (College Coordinator)

Phone: 0212937384

Brett Cole (Club Manager)

Phone: 0275094743

Email: [email protected]

College / Woman's Playing Rule

College students or Woman wishing to also play HKCA Presidents, Senior B, Senior A - Must play for Weraroa CC, If we don't have enough places in our teams, we will find another club for you to play some extra cricket.

Womans Cricket Info

Ladies, the club has entered a WCC Woman's team in the MCA 2019-2020 T20 Comp Oct - March.

T20 cricket - Normal cricket rules
Pink Balls
Time: 1pm
Day: Saturday every week (small xmas break)
1st Game: 19th Oct 2019

4 teams entered already.

It's a woman's team, so yes 18+ players can play for us and you will also play older woman.
Girls from the club are also welcome to play T24 cricket in the morning, or 2 approx players based on skill level could play for the Combined College Boys team in the morning.

During xmas girls can also play for our club Presidents team.

Girls / Woman will train every Tuesday with our new coach Daniel.

Girls / woman will have the club academy every 2nd Monday with Neil & Daniel.

Girls can also train with the senior men on Thursdays.

Girls will also get the chance to work with Jacob Oram once a month on Thursdays training with the T24 Teams and the Senior Men's Teams.

This team is now our senior club woman's team, and it will be run like our senior men's team.

Please come to the new facebook group page just opened https://www.facebook.com/groups/670411293458416/

Combined College Boys Info

Info to come real soon.