Weraroa Cricket Club Inc

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Weraroa Cricket Club Inc

100th Anniversary

Jubilee Centennial Celebration  1921 - 2021

Our Club 100th will be held on during Feb 2021

News Paper History

During Feb 2017 our club held a couple of committee meetings, and we talked a lot about our clubs 100th year event.

A few members questioned about the date when the club really did start as "Weraroa CC". 

Due to lack of club records held proving when our club really started we asked a friend of the club "Doug Bolitho" to complete some history searching of old news papers. 

It is clear the club was formed in the year 1921.  Our understanding is before the club was made.

A lot of our 1st club members played as Levin District between 1918-1921 on our home ground before our club the "Weraroa Cricket Club Inc" was formed.


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2017-2018 Season "Club 97 Years Old Feb 2018"  (Completed Season)

2018-2019 Season "Club 98 Years Old Feb 2019"  (Completed Season)

2019-2020 Season  "Club 99 Years Old Feb 2020" (New Season)

2020-2021 Season   -  100th Season - Feb 2021

100th Jubilee Info

The Weraroa Cricket Club 100th Jubilee Committee is being formed.

The club will mark 100 years during the first weekend of February 2021 (Waitangi Weekend)

We are now calling for members / parents old & current to form our 100th Jubilee sub committee. Please contact Julie if you would be interested.

 Enquires:  [email protected] 

100th Club Logo

This is being designed at present .

100th Rego Form

To come very soon, this will be a online web form.